2018 January Jam

January 9, 2018

The 2018 season has gotten underway with my first trip to the January Jam at Flowood R/C in Flowood, Mississippi. At this event I decided to run 3 buggy classes for the first time as I wanted to help promote the new Tekno EB410 as well as my 1/8th buggies. This meant my Truggy had to sit this one out, but it will be back again in a week and a half for the SIC. The layout this year was a lot of fun and it kept you busy with really no time to relax. Lots of lefts and rights made it hard to pass but it kept you on your toes and it was a lot of fun I thought. 

January Jam track

For most of the event I was using Clay typo’s in my 1/8th buggies and Clay Chainlink / X-Link in my 1/10th buggy. These tires were great and had lots of grip so long as I could stay in the groove. Knowing they wouldn’t last my Nitro final however I decided to try clay chainlinks in Q3 of Nitro buggy. They weren’t as good with the taller pin compared to the typo’s though. During qualifying I would take the overall TQ in all 3 classes on Saturday which was a nice birthday present for me. Now I had a decision to make for main day and what tires I would be running in Nitro buggy.

The bowl!

I had limited supply of Clay typo’s and I had to make them last and hopefully win the first two A-mains in E-buggy else I didn’t know what I would run in A3. I had a great first run in A1 taking a big win. In A2 though on my lower treaded tires were making my car a bit hard to drive and I made a couple mistakes and Jake got by me. I would catch him and a couple times he stuffed the pipe right in front of me and I would get the worst of it. Other times I caught up only to crash on my own. On the second to last lap though Jake got caught in an upside down car and flipped over, as I came through the section I got flipped over by the marshalls foot but he marshaled me first and I came away with the win. Not the way I would have wanted it to happen but that’s racing as they say. So with the A1 and A2 wins I was able to win the overall in E-buggy. I decided to run A3 to test tires for the Nitro buggy main. I put on Super Soft Long Wear impacts, which are my go to tires anymore. They felt good and my laptimes were still good so I mounted up a fresh set for the 30 minute Nitro buggy main to finish out the day. 

In the 1/10th buggy class I would have a commanding victory in A1 but in A2 I hit some marbles and broke a tie-rod in warmup. I didn’t have enough time to get back on the track so I got my car prepared for A3. In A3 I had another solid run taking the win and the overall in 1/10th 4wd Mod. I ran Clay Chainlink in front and Clay X-Link in the rear.

The last race of the day was the Nitro buggy 30 minute final. I chose to run the AKA Super Soft long wear double downs as I was out of impacts it seemed. They felt great though on the grooved track and my car was on rails. I got out to a quick lead and just pulled away from the field. My car was pivoting amazingly through the corners and everything was working great. I got a 1 lap lead before the 10 minute mark and was able to bring it home with a 3 lap margin of victory by the end of the run.

3 lap victory!

Overall I had a great time at the January Jam. It’s always good to see my friends in Flowood and have a good time racing. I got my 2018 off to a strong start and looking to keep the momentum going as I had to Alabama in a week + for the SIC event!

Trifecta complete!


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RC Pro Finals

December 20, 2017

This past weekend I attended the RC Pro Finals in Texas. This series is currently a primarily Texas series but they are looking to once again grow it to a National series throughout the country in the coming years. I was invited to attend a looked forward to the event. As I arrived and saw the dirt I was expecting it to be much like the RC Pro Series used to be or the PNB in it’s early years. Which is to mean, I thought it would be loose and get really blown out! But amazingly as the event wore on the track held together better than I think anyone anticipated and we had some great racing.

I ran my primary 3 classes and had a mixed bag in qualifying. The track was deceptively challenging and I made a number of mistakes that perhaps I don’t usually. I also was fishing for the right set-up on the tricky conditions. In the end of qualifying I had secured TQ in Nitro buggy and would start 2nd in both E-buggy and Nitro Truggy.

RC Pro Finals

On main day E-buggy would have a triple A format. Nitro Truggy was a 30 minute final and the end of the day would be capped off with the 1 hour Nitro buggy final. In E-buggy A1 I put an early pass on Dillenger over the back table top as I was the only person launching the whole thing. I would make a mistake on 2 of the coming laps giving the lead back, but each time I would again jump over him on that back table. Then he followed me around until around the 7 minute mark where he made a bigger mistake and gave me some clean room to take the A1 win. A2 ended up being a little more of a blowout victory as Jake had an early mistake on i’d day about the 3rd corner and I got away clean and put in a really good run. I would win that one by nearly a lap to take the overall victory in E-buggy on my AKA Super Soft Long Wear impacts in front and grids in rear.

Next was the 30 minute truggy final and I was starting behind Drake for this one. I made a mistake really early on and fell back to around 4th. I quickly worked back to 2nd but was about 6 seconds or so behind Adam. I would be doing 3 pit stops in the final and he was doing just 2. The pit lane was a huge challenge in that it was very narrow and if a truck was on the rails, the next car coming down the line would knock it off. This happened to me on the 1st and 3rd stops costing me some valuable time. Midway through the race before my 2nd stop I was on Adam’s tail meaning I still had a full stop worth of time to catch up on him. By the time we each had a stop to go I was gaining and after our final stops I was able to take the led on his mistake with about 4 minutes to go and pull away to a nice victory!

Finally was the pro buggy A-main for 1 hour. Again it was a battle between Adam and I at the start. This time I was starting in front but I made a mistake I think over the whoops section and Adam got by. We would end up swapping the top spot off and on for the first 16 minutes or so. I had the lead at this point by a couple seconds as it was my pit in lap but I felt I was being run a bit long on this second stop. And then it happened as I was going over the back table I felt it go lean and sure enough I ran out of gas one corner before the loop. Thus I had a 96 second lap (Lost 60 seconds of track time) and was now a lap and a half behind Drake. Well I knew there was still a lot to play for and I put my head down and charged ahead and worked my way back into 2nd. Then I set my sights on simply whittling away at the lead. I was on Super Soft Long Wear Impacts in the front and Grids in the rear and they were just getting better and better. Soon after a pit stop session I found myself back on the same lap. Meaning I was within 36 seconds of the lead. I kept charging and in the closing 10 minutes I was narrowing the lead by 0.5 – 1 second a lap. Soon with 1:30 to go I was on Drake’s tail and closing fast. We went through the double triple single section and I was on his bumper but I stuffed the pipe and spun around loosing 2 seconds. We only had one more lap in which I closed the gap but finished 1.3 seconds behind in 2nd. I obviously regret not being more cautious in that corner and instead waiting for a better opportunity to pressure him or to make a move. But it is what it is and to make a race of it after loosing 60 seconds at the end of one hour was exciting for me and those watching!

RC Pro Finals!

That was my final event of the year and now for some end of the year business obligations and some much needed family time!

Merry Christmas to all!

-Ryan Lutz

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The Auction has completed and with your help bidding and sharing the posts we were able to raise $3,569 for Samaritans Purse Charity. Your support is very much appreciated! 😀 ******************

Thank you for checking out my Charity Auction Preview. Here you will find all the information on how to bid, the rules that will govern the auction and to which charity the proceeds will go.

INSTRUCTIONS: (Please read so there is no confusion)

All of the auctions will be held on my Ryan Lutz Racing Facebook page.

-Each day a new set of items will be available to bid on. I will post the items before Noon EST and each day that set of items will end at 9:00:59 PM EST.

-If you want to bid, make a higher bid in comments below the picture of the trophy you want. (Be sure your on the original post on Ryan Lutz Facebook page)

-Highest bidder at 9:00pm EST (New York time) on that day it’s posted wins. (Please note Facebook timestamps comments. I will choose the last one posted at 9:00. If you bid at 9:01 it doesn’t count.)

-I use the Facebook time stamp when I highlight over the persons time of comment. If it says 9:00 to me and it’s the highest bid then that’s the winner. If your in question bid high and out of reach!

-If you win I’ll message you and see if you just want a signature or a personalized message on the item.

-I will PayPal you for your winning bid.

-At the end of the Auctions I will write a check to the charity. 100% of winning bids will go to the charity. I will also take care of any PayPal fees and the shipping cost. . Even for international bids! I would like to support the same Charity that I did last year which is Samaritans Purse. I can divide the money among many worthy causes through this great organization.



-Every day those who SHARE the auction post will be put into a drawing at the end of the auction. The names will all be put into a random generator on the internet and the winning name selected by the generator will win a free digital camber gauge of their choice (Either the 1/8th size or 1/10th size). No purchase necessary, you just have to share the post. And if you share every day that is 7 entries! (please be sure your privacy policy on facebook allows me to see that you shared it. If I can’t see that you shared I unfortunately can’t add you to the list).

                                  WIN one of these with your share!

Day 1 – Nationals Day. Tuesday December 5th.

-2017 ROAR Nats Nitro Buggy 2nd place, Nitro Truggy 3rd place. Number of electric bodies  from this and last years nats as well as car stands from 2012 and 2013 Reedy race.

“Nationals Day”

Day 2 – Sik Track Designs Day, Wednesday December 6th.

-Trophies from Gas Champs and Battle of the Sikest Thornhill along with an older model EB48 body.

“Sik track designs day”

Day 3 – Racetime Entertainment day. Thursday December 7th.

-Trophies from SIC, PNB, AMS, Wicked Weekend. Plus older scheme NT48.3 body.

“Racetime Entertainment day”

Day 4 – Big Regional Domination day. Friday December 8th.

-Southern Nats, January Jam, OS/Futaba Nitro Challenge + Older scheme NT48.3 body.

“Big Regional domination day”

Day 5 – Local Plaque day + DNC TQ! Saturday December 9th.

-New and past local tracks to me. LutzRC Hometown shootout, East Coast Race against Cancer, Fall Classic at Ohio RC Factory, Amain Manufactuers Cup, Jax Trax, and my DNC Truggy TQ! Along with 2017 well used NT48.3 body.

“Local Plaque day + DNC Truggy TQ!”

Day 6 – International Day, Sunday December 10th.

Plaques and trophies from Malaysia, England (Neobuggy), China (IFMAR Worlds). Along with an LFR NB48.4 body from 2017.

“International day”

Day 7 – Vegas Day, Monday December 11th.

-Silver State Truggy victory, EB410 debut race at IOCC 3rd place + the EB410 body from that race. Also my 2017 Goggles.

“Vegas day”

So there you have it. Check in each day as I may add more things if they come about. Never know which day I might sneak something new or interesting in! Also i’m not sure yet how I will separate things on any given day. So stay tuned for that.

Thank you so very much for your support and interest in this charity auction. If there is anything I can do to explain better or make it better please do not hesitate to share that with me!


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2017 Season Recap

November 29, 2017

The 2017 season was perhaps my best one yet in my 12 year pro career. The year started with a little bit of fun as I had switched to Blok engines but we didn’t share that information yet. So I was running “Top secret” and “Super top secret” engines for the first few races of the year. I admit that it took me a few events to start the year to really get a good feel for the engines which resulted in a couple of truggy runs that weren’t up to my standards. But once we got to Nitro Challenge it was game on!

In one of my best qualifying efforts ever at a really big race I was able to eek out the TQ in the Pro Truggy class ahead of Maifield and Tessman at the Dirt Nitro Challenge. In the main for the first couple of laps I would begin to walk away from the field until things just started to not feel quite right and I fell back and eventually retired. Not sure what went wrong but that event really proved a catalyst for the rest of my season in Truggy.

I had the opportunity after Nitro Challenge to head over to Malaysia for a fun weekend of racing at the MNL #2 and I was able to meet a lot of new people and present my LutzRC Pro Build #026 to a local and also during a rain delay build a LutzRC Pro Build for Tommy (who ended up being the guy who helped me make China happen later in the year).

Just a little muddy!

Then as we entered March we headed to Vegas for the Silver State Nitro Challenge where I would put in one of my best if not the best races/results of my career taking the win in the Pro Truggy class. I would be 14 seconds back in 4th at one point but reeled in the leaders and won by over 10 seconds over Tessman and Maifield! The year was taking a great turn and the Blok 21aP engine was giving me the truggy abilities I always knew I had!

Soon thereafter it was PNB and the craziness of running 5 classes on the biggest track, with the biggest jumps! This year the Tekno cars were a cut above the rest, being able to take that huge 50-60ft triple and land it relatively easily. I had a huge result in taking the win in Pro Nitro buggy, Truggy, and 4wd SC. Also 2nd in both E scale classes. It was a huge showing for Tekno TQing and Winning all 5 of said classes!

Iron Man Award!

Next, just one day after PNB I went across the pond to what was most likely my last Neobuggy event ever, being my 8th year attending. Overall the results were some of my best at this hotly contested event coming away with the dash for cash victory, and a 4th in Ebuggy, and 5th in nitro buggy.

Overall Good results with Dash for Cash win and 5th overall!

As the summer months heated up I took some great wins at events like the Gas Champs, A-main Manufacturers Cup, and A.M.S. 8.0. Then we headed to the Nitro Nationals where I would put in my best combined ROAR Nats finishes of my career and possibly my best Nitro buggy performance of my career. I would take 2nd in Nitro buggy and 3rd in Nitro truggy after the grueling weekend with a truly tricky track and condition!

Nitro buggy 2nd place Nationals!

As we entered the dog days of summer and some more large regional races I took home a number of trifectas and more victories at OS/Futaba Nitro Challenge, Wicked Weekend, Southern Nationals, East Coast Race against cancer, and Battle of the Sikest at Thornhill. As we reached the fall Tekno introduced the new EB410 1/10th buggy and we decided to debut at the I.O.C.C in vegas. It was a challenge on a new surface and with an all new car but in the end I was able to come away with a hugely surprising 3rd place!

3rd place podium!

This set me up for a last minute decision to go to China for the IFMAR Worlds for the 4wd portion. In the end the result wasn’t what I had hoped for but the experience was awesome and for sure it at least brought some eyes around the globe to the new Tekno platform.

Ready to race!

Overall it was an amazing year. Especially in truggy. With my Tekno NT48.3 I either TQ’d and/or got podium at every race I attended with it!

For 2017 at this time I don’t plan on making any changes to my program. Here is how long I have been with each of my 2017 sponsors.

Tekno RC3+ years

Blok Engines1 year

Byron Fuels 7 years

AKA Tires10 years (since day 1)

Futaba6 years

Tekin8 years

ProTek RC6 years

PT RC Oils6 years

Dutch Oven Designs2 years

Diggity Paints2 years

LutzRC6 years

At this time I don’t believe anything will be changing for 2018!

 I want to thank all of my sponsors from 2017 who helped make it my most successful season ever!

Tekno RC (NB48.4, NT48.3, EB48.4,  ET48.3, SCT410.3, EB410)

-Blok Engines – (Blok 21aM, Block 21aP)

AKA Racing (Amazing tires, wheels, foams, that keep me fast on any surface!)

Byron Fuels (30/8 Worlds Blend fuel, The most consistent fuel in the industry!)

Futaba (7PX Radio, S9373SV Servos, R304SB Rx)

Tekin (RX-8 Gen 2, Redline T8 Gen 2 1900 motor (2000 truggy), RSX, Redline Gen 3 motors)

ProTek RC (2600 Lipo Rx packs, 100C full size LiHV packs)

Dutch Oven Designs (Graphics, stickers)

PT RC Racing Oils (Shock and Diff oils)

Diggity Paints (Paintjobs!)

LutzRC.com (my small business that keeps me busy on my ‘off days’ haha)

R/C Hobby of Medina (My fathers Hobby Shop)

-Matt Wolter and Daniel Lewis among others at Tekno who have helped me raise my game again this year and have been there for me all season in the pits or a phone call away!

For 2018 I want to continue on my progress from 2017. I have a full year under my belt with my new engines. I am more confident than ever in my total racing package and I don’t see why I can’t continue the results. I am (miraculously to me) ‘ranked’ 4th in the world in the Top25RC rankings and If things go right at DNC to start the year, well, anything is possible! I may be getting older (will be 33 as the season starts!) but with that comes a maturity in my racing that blends very well with the raw speed I used to be known for. I look to continue to do what I do and will work to do it better!


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So I just got home from Xiamen, China from the 1/10th 4wd portion of the IFMAR Worlds 2017. It was literally just 3 weeks prior to the event that I made the decision to see if I could go. Everything fell into place to make it happen and so within 10 hours of arriving home from the Battle of the Sikest Thornhill I was back on a plane headed to China! I arrived late (but as early as I could) and got in around 2:00 am on Thursday morning (morning of 4wd practice.). So by 6 am we were in a taxi and on our way to the track. I had a lot on my plate getting tires glued up and learning the lay of the land and trying to get on the track for my first practice around 8:30 that morning.

Looks like fun!

Fortunately I had some help from Carson and Jonathan Yeung as well as my hero of the weekend Tommy Fung who all pitched in to help me glue up my 15 sets of tires. I found it a little confusing on how or when we needed to have the tires glued by as they were a controlled tire and were kept in an impound situation. So between all my first practice runs I kept going back upstairs to finish gluing up more sets. I would be able to finish gluing all my sets by the end of the day but it ended up being a bad decision to do so. I found out shortly after gluing my last set that some guys were gluing their foams to the rims. With the bumps and high speed sweepers and relatively higher grip surface, gluing the foams was helping keep cars more consistent and easier to drive. So there was a strike against me and was something I wasn’t able to rectify.

Cool mural out front

Practice seemed to start out ok and in fact on my first time on the track I had one of the fastest single laps of anyone on my 4th lap no less! And I made a post that I should just go home now on facebook as it started out way to good! That would have been a wise thing in retrospect. haha. As practice continued on that first day I began to struggle more with traffic (being in an earlier heat as having not attended the last worlds.) I also just had a hard time with the track itself. The mixture of high grip sections coupled with a couple slick spots due to the track glossing up or dust make a challenging surface for me to be consistent on.


Qualifying would start the next day and I was working with the guys back home though facebook just trying to get a set-up I could be comfortable with. I would have some good starts to a couple qualifiers but then just blow out at the end for one reason or another. In one of the qualifiers I lost my wheel on the last lap while on a decent run. My best qualifier was the 3rd one when I was able to put in a clean run overall and seed 11th for the round. I was hoping things were on the up and up and I would be able to follow that up with two more good runs. But my Q4 was riddled with mistakes and Q5 didn’t happen on Saturday morning due to rain right as we were getting underway with that 5th qualifier. So they ended up just taking 2 of 4 runs for qualifying results and that gave me an 11th and 25th which seated me 23rd overall and thus 3rd in the C-main.

Ready to race!

I know I didn’t have the preparation going into the event and I know I arrived late and all but I still am so used to just being able to still do well regardless. So this wasn’t a result I was very pleased with and it was a hard pill to swallow. I’m sure some things like gluing the foams would have helped a little. Other things I didn’t try but after talking with others after the event would have helped include making the car super flexible like I did on carpet. I thought about it during the event but was a bit afraid due to the inconsistent jumps. But sounds like it would have greatly helped make the car a lot easier to drive. I should have taken off the rear chassis brace and removed some unnecessary screws and loosened others. I’m sure this would have helped. I also should have brought my lighter battery packs (my 3600’s vs. my 4900’s.) I think they would have assisted in landing better on all the flat landings since there were no downsides to jumps.

Team USA

So there is a number of things I learned, some in retrospect. I wish I could try it all again as of course i’m sure many would. I’m so grateful to Tekno, Tekin, and ProTek RC for helping to make it all happen for me. I know it wasn’t the result we had all hoped would be possible but a beautiful thing about R/C is there is always another race just around the corner. I will regroup and try again at the next one and work towards a better result.

Receiving my top 30 award.

Again a huge thank you to Tommy Fung for all of his help to make this trip a reality for me as well. Also to Jonathan and Carson Yeung for their assistance with gluing tires and just being ready for those first runs! I am so very fortunate to be able to do what I do and I am so grateful for everyone who has supported me!

Banquet Hall


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