January 16, 2011

Headed out yesterday to Delta R/C in Antioch for Rd 3 of the Delta R/C Winter series. The current layout is very fast and it’s really a matter of not crashing and tire selection. Tyler Vik was also in attendance and was flying around this track as he usually does. I ended up qualifying second behind Tyler as he put down a blistering time with his SS Wishbone tires. In the main I went with soft Gridirons like I usually do but for whatever reason the track wasn’t abrasive last night and SS was the way to go. The softs were just a little slick and had a small push to them. This made the car very easy to drive but I was about .3 of a second a lap off pace of where I was in qualifying with SS tires. Tyler Vik was on SS and was also on Fire. I think he drove a pretty flawless race and just pulled away from the field. I ended up finishing 2nd, 2 laps down after 20min of racing.
This race reiterated to me how important the right compound of tires is, especially on a small (18 second) indoor clay track. Next time I will be sure to pick the right tire and I hope to give Tyler a run for his money @ Delta.

Delta R/C Winter Series

Durning the course of the day I also allowed 6 other people to drive my new Durango DNX408. It was very satisfying as they all really enjoyed it and said they were very impressed with it! (Then I asked if they had ever driven a buggy with 20-20-6 in the diffs!) haha. They all looked at me in disbelief that, that was the diff set-up in my car. Either way though they were very impressed and I was glad to see it! I’m getting more and more used to the new car and I’m liking it more and more each day! Looking forward to the Midwest Gas Champs next week in Jeffersonville, Ohio!

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