Tekno EB48.4 Charity build

January 25, 2017

I have a new program I am going to do as part of LutzRC this year called LutzRC Pro Builds. In my available time I will build up Tekno vehicles with my spec equipment in them and offer them to those interested. First up all of my sponsors chipped in a donated product to make my first build be a charity build. The charity supported will be the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation as selected by Tekno owner Daniel Lewis, with the entire proceeds benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I want to thank all of my sponsors for making this possible.

Here is the products in this build:

Tekno EB48.4 with hop ups including (Ti-Ni shock shafts, Bearing sleeves, Alum. servo horn)

Tekin RX8 Gen 2 with Redline Gen 2 1900 motor (Same spec I run and speedo is programed with my settings)

Futaba S9373SV Steering Servo

ProTek 6500, 100C Silicon graphene 4S HV Lipo pack

-One of my personal bodies done up by my painter Diggity Paints

-Decals provided by Dutch Oven Designs.

-One set of AKA tires mounted (your Choice of tread and compound.)

-This car is engraved with serial #001 and is initialed by me with RL.

You can see the listing HERE on eBay and bid to win this item! Thank you for your support and even if you can’t bid on the item I would greatly appreciate if you could share this auction!



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This past weekend we took to the South again and another crazy weather weekend was in store. Where two weeks ago we were dealing with ice in Mississippi, this weekend it was Tornados in Alabama! It’s a good thing these were indoor races. However a Tornado about 2 miles from the track on Saturday morning caused us a 4 hour delay and running in the dark for 2 more hours after that. 5 power lines were toppled just down the road and as the power company raced to fix them we ran through the electric program with available sunlight coming through the roof windows. This allowed us to get the program in after the power was restored and qualifying finished up around 1:00am Sunday morning.

Our rental car was a little full!!

The layout for this years SIC was a lot of fun with some big air and and some fast air sections as well. The surface was a little on the looser side and I was running primarily AKA Super Soft Gridirons and Impacts. Though I also tried some ultra soft Grids and even Super soft enduros in A3 of Ebuggy.

Some practice carnage on my body!

Qualifying day started with 2 rounds of Ebuggy where I was able to TQ the first round and take 3rd with a crash in the second round. Then we were able to play catch up with the Nitro program once lights returned. I was able to throw down one of those killer runs in truggy taking TQ by around 8 seconds. My truck felt amazing and I was getting 10:30 runtime to boot with my punched driving! In Nitro buggy I also took TQ of the round finishing out a perfect Q1. In Q2 I sealed up the Truggy overall TQ with another good run. In Nitro buggy Joe edged me out setting up a Q3 battle.

Q3 of Ebuggy saw Joe with a great run going until the last lap where he crashed allowing Drake to take the round. I would end up qualified 2nd with Joe in 3rd. In Truggy I had overall TQ with Joe starting 2nd. In Nitro buggy I was able to put in a clean enough run in my heat to take the TQ for the round by 2 seconds and thus the overall with Joe to start 2nd.

On main day Ebuggy A1 was up first but we had a new challenge to contend with. We would start our mains from a gate start which funneled through a right Joan’s dog leg and into the front stretch. You could tell some people hadn’t done this before as there were some epic crashes to be seen. I never had a great start in any of my runs but would always manage to pick my way through the pack and into a fighting position. In A1 it was Drake who got out front and Joe and I followed. Halfway through Joe made a killer pass to take the lead as I still languished in 3rd. But with 1 minute to go Joe dumped while leading handing Drake back the lead as I settled for 2nd.

In A2 Joe and I found our way to the front of the pack and proc ended to battle for most of the race remaining within 3 seconds of one another. In the end Joe edged me out by a second. A3 would determine the final order and at the start Drake got out front again while Joe was way back in the pack. This left it up to me to bring it home. I started to reel in Adam and was able to put in a pass and take the lead. I extended out a 3 second lead with just two laps to go when I came to the bowl where 4 cars were crashed or bouncing off one another. This was a blind jump face to me from my position on the drivers stand and I guess I hit one of them and got lost in the bowl not able to see my car. This cost me 10 seconds and thus the win and having to settle for 2nd overall with Joe in 3rd.

2nd place E-buggy

Nitro truggy mainI was hoping for a great battle with Joe but it never materialized. At the start Joe got a killer holeshot with a little help from his pit guy and he was gone. I took a bit to get through some traffic and then made a 5 second crash on my own. I was quickly 9 seconds back and just had to put in some clean laps. I knew I was doing one less pit stop than Joe in this 30 minute final but he was in a mission. I just made to many errors, stuffing the pipe after the straight twice and a couple other incidents with crashed traffic. I ended up putting in a slight late race charge but came up 4 seconds short with Joe taking a solid victory. Another Tekno 1-2 finish!

TQ+2nd place Nitro Truggy

Nitro buggy was up last and it was an ugly start for me. I was going well until the end of the straight and just got caught up with others and knocked to around 10th. Ogden, Drake, and Joe were all top 3 and I had my work cut out for me. I quickly picked off the field and into 4th with my car feeling awesome on SS Impacts to start the race. I caught up to Joe and put an inside pass on him through the whoops and set my sights on the leaders. A few minutes later it was a 3 way battle for the lead and then we started swapping positions during the pit stops. Eventually Ogden and I were out front and extending the lead. I’ll be honest and say he had the pace over me at this race and I was doing all I could to stay with him. He made a couple mistakes and with about 5 minutes to go I had a 7 second lead. I knew he would be pushing hard and I’ll be honest that my mental game wasn’t on point and I was a bit nervous and thus a bit cautious. As we slithered through traffic he inched closer and closer until he was only 1.5 back with a lap to go. I calculated I just needed a clean lap and regardless of how close he got he wouldn’t have enough to make a move if I just ran my line. Well he went for a Hail Mary jump and stuffed it and flamed himself out. So I was able to come away with the victory in the hard fought race!

TQ+Victory, Pro Nitro Buggy

Overall another really good weekend with increased competition. I had two TQs in the nitro classes. A victory and two 2nds. I was also able to gain a lead over Joe in our Teammate Challenge. At this event I tallied 3 points while Joe got 8.

Another great weekend for Tekno!

Next for me is the Dirt Nitro Challenge which is the first big big race of the year. Can’t wait!

SIC Podium trifecta!

Teammate Showdown (lower score better)
Ryan – 6
Joe – 11

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Out here at the Southern Indoor Championships in Alabama and got a couple good practice laps in with my Tekno NB48.4! Check it out!

Running on AKA SS Long Wear gridirons.

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Let me know if I can help any further with this and please note that the link is a referral link and I will get a small kickback if you use the site. I thank you for that support and I hope you too will save some money!



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January Jam 2017 @FRC

January 9, 2017

This year I will be writing a little different by including my teammate Joe Bornhorst in a lot of my recaps. Joe and I have put a wager on our season and I’ll explain that at the bottom of this post. First let’s recap the just concluded January Jam held in the icy state of Mississippi. With temps dipping below freezing and a super rare winter blast making roads and parking lots a sheet of ice, we were glad our racing was indoors. I was also glad salt trucks don’t exist in Mississippi as I got to practice my ebrake donuts in some empty parking lots in the rental car which was fun!

On to the racing which started with practice on Friday. We were running our standard 3 cars, being the Nitro buggy and truggy, as well as Ebuggy, with the new EB48.4. We spent the day dialing in our cars and figuring out the tire situation as the track was a bit slicker than usual being a totally fresh layout. All said and done we felt good at the end of the day and headed out to Habachi for dinner to celebrate my birthday. However seems they really don’t like to drive in snow and ice and nearly all businesses were closed. Only thing we found open was a Mexican restaurant, so I got to wear a sombrero and throw some whipped cream at Joe as my birthday dinner. Not my first choice but better than nothing.

Qualifying day was up next and we were told we could only double into the front option lane instead of doing the 5-2 we had been practicing. So for the nitro classes we had to learn to double triple double, and in Ebuggy we would double quint out. Joe and I were battling the entire time for TQ honors for the event. I would take the first two rounds of Ebuggy to secure the TQ. In Nitro Joe would take Q1 of truggy as I came back and got Nitro buggy. In Q2 we switched places in those classes thus setting up a Q3 battle for TQ. It didn’t end up being much of a battle though as I would make early mistakes in both, and Joe put in solid runs to take the TQ in the Nitro classes.

On main day we had a double A on tap for Ebuggy and 30min mains for Nitros. In Ebuggy we would battle for the first couple laps with Joe getting by as I got in the loose stuff out of the groove. He led as I tailed right behind until we caught traffic and he got gobbled up, and I found the clean way around and into a commanding lead. In the end stretching out to a 20 second or so victory. In A2 we again had a close first couple laps until I made a mistake trying to run together putting me upside down and into 10th or so. I quickly moved back into 2nd but a good number of seconds back. We stayed clean until the final minutes when Joe had some mistakes and I caught right up to his backside but missed the loop for the last lap by .1 tenth. However with combined laps and times I took the overall victory.

Nitro truggy was next and I wish I could say it was a battle, but it really wasn’t. Joe put on a clinic and I just didn’t have the comfort I’m used to feeling and he ended up with a lap victory as I came in 2nd. My positive for the race was doing 10 minute pit stops, and only taking about 110cc on each of them! Pretty awesome and I can’t wait to hit the next race!

Nitro buggy was the final race of the day and the most entertaining. We again got off to a close start swapping the lead a couple times before I again made a bigger mistake. I then had a terrible lap with 3 crashes as the track was developing some character with some bumps as well as some dust. My AKA Clay Typos were awesome in the groove but in the dust I had to be careful. Joe got out to a 10 second plus lead halfway through and I really thought he had it in the bag. But nearing the final 5 minutes he made some mistakes as his tires were making it hard for him to drive and I was able to catch up and put in a pass. I could feel something going out in my steering and was just praying it would stay together to finish the race, and fortunately with Joe pushing hard behind me he made another bobble or two giving me the cushion I needed to bring home the bacon.

So overall another Tekno sweep. I was able to come away with TQ and Win in Ebuggy as well as Victory in Nitro buggy and 2nd in Truggy.

Triple Podium!

Now on to the competition Joe and I have bet on. We bet each other $100 on whoever has the better season result total. Points will be calculated on events we attend together. Finishing position is worth that amount of points and TQ is -1 point. So for this event we are tied with 3 points each. I will keep track at the bottom of each blog post much like I did with the Tekno tally in the past.

Next up for us is the Southern Indoor Championships in 2 weeks! Looking to defend my sweep of the event!

Teammate Showdown:

Ryan: 3

Joe: 3


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