My TV Appearance! Finally!

November 12, 2011

Well I finally have my TV appearance put up on youtube. I had to ‘rip’ it from a DVD and the service I used to do it for free had to put a watermark on the video. Also here is my commentary from right after I did this appearance:

It was a crazy experience. We got there at 6:00 a.m. not expecting our time slot to be until around 6:20. The morning show coordinator took us to a waiting room and said she would come get us in about 15 minutes. Well about 2 minutes later she came back and said “are you ready?” So we headed for the studio and they said we could have a seat in some leather chairs that were off to the side but were right behind the cameras. No sooner did we take a seat that they went to commercial and talked amongst themselves and told us we were going to be on next and to head up to the anchor desk. I set my car on the table and they handed us a mic, then we hear 30 seconds!!
The reporter who was going to be talking to us said someone’s mic isn’t on yet. Of course it was mine, “15 seconds!” was heard as we popped open the mic, Kayla the anchor reached over and turned it on while I flung the mic piece over my back and Jason attached it to my shirt collar. Going live in 3…2…1! It was that quick! They really had no clue what to ask us and it was all just improvised from the start. Jason and I had no clue which of the 3 cameras was on so I just tried to mainly focus on the anchor and hoped it would all turn out okay. I got to speak for maybe 10 seconds in all when it came to my part, explaining how we drive the cars from a driver-stand and what a track is like. Before you know it they we closing it out and going to commercial and we were done! We walked into and out of the building in less than 15 minutes. I really wish I could have had some more time to check out the studio but it was cool for what I saw. Either way it was an experience that I won’t forget.

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