Welcome to ‘My Equipment’ page. Below I will be listing all of the equipment that I use to build, race, maintain, and tune my cars. Also my reasons for running it. This equipment is all “Lutzinator Approved!” ūüėÄ

Note: This page contains Amazon Affiliate link products. If you purchase anything from Amazon through one of my links I will receive a small kickback. I would, and do, greatly appreciate your support!



This may be the most important piece of ‘equipment’ in my arsenal. This is a great read on racing and especially on the Mental game of racing. This book has helped me take my mental game to the next level!



Here is a Keyless Chuck that I use in my power driver at the races when I don’t have access to a power drill. It’s small and convenient to carry.¬†



Multi Purpose Shock Pliers and Wheel Wrench From TeknoRC they offer this Multi-Wrench which can hold shock shafts, push in and pull out ball ends (without damaging the rod end), hold the shock body or shock cartridge. While the wheel wrench can also hold the shock caps to be sure you get a snug fitting shock every time.


I can’t say enough about the versatility and usefulness of these microfiber towels. I use them for everything on my R/C cars. They seem to soak up diff and shock oils and allow many changes of those components before the towels are shot. I also spray them with simple green to clean off tire beads before mounting tires. I also wipe off arms, or bodies with them as well. Truly the best microfiber cleaning towel I have found for R/C.¬†



We all take so much stuff to races and undoubtably you have seen OGIO bags at races. These bags are absolutely perfect for R/C because they have large wheels and the plastic bottom. Perfect for dragging over dirt and gravel at the tracks. I generally travel with one OGIO and one regular suitcase for all of my R/C stuff. The OGIO will last me 2 years while I go through 3 suitcases per year. (This is traveling to 20+ travel races a year)


ENDUST! Why do I feel the need to all caps it? Because this is by far the best cleaner I have come across for my cars. In general I do not use any chemicals or water on my cars period. But since being introduced to Endust, I now use it all the time. I spray it on the plastics, and either air compressor it right off, or wipe it off with the Microfiber towels. Makes my cars look brand new again and in general doesn’t even require much if any scrubbing (depending on type of dirt). So if you looking for what in my opinion is the best cleaner to keep your cars looking new and not harm your vehicle, this is it:¬†


Mini sized drill bits for pistons. Comes with 1.05mm Р2mm in .05mm increments. I use this not only to adjust the sized holes in a piston, but to be sure they are the size they say they are. Also you can use them to drill out a new blank piston to your own specs. 

If you don’t have a drill for this you can get one of these handheld pin vises:


If you haven’t seen these around they are perfect being at the track or traveling! It’s a portable battery power bank that allows you to recharge your phone, tablet, ext. Also it can be used to power things like the ProTek RC LED Pit Light.


Take your Nitro game to the next level with a measuring syringe. You just need to measure the fuel left after a certain amount of runtime, and you can figure out the fuel mileage of your vehicle! Great for getting ready for those longer mains and knowing when to do your fuel stops.


Throttle Return springs. These are what I use from my high speed needle to my throttle slide to make sure the carb stays shut in case the linkage pops off. These work great and are exactly what I use!

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