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Ryan Lutz

Hi, I'm Ryan Lutz and I have been racing R/C cars since 1992 at the age of 7. I got my first real break into the industry in 2006 when I began working for Kyosho America. Since then I've been traveling all over the world racing and perfecting my craft.

LutzRC got it’s start with the persuasion of Alpha plus Model, Co. in 2012. At the time I was reluctant to start a new venture having had no business background. I was fully busy in my R/C racing career and my new young family was at the forefront of where I wanted to spend my spare time.

Alpha Plus though had just made one of my dreams come true by introducing the “Ryan Lutz” Edition engine, and gave me the opportunity to distribute it throughout the United States. After a lot of thought I decided to head into the land of being a small business owner. Thus, LutzRC was born. Lots of lessons have been learned along the way and of course there have been high’s and low’s. So far every year LutzRC has seen a steady growth and I owe all of that to my amazing friends who have supported me, and my business.

As the business continues to grow I am continually looking for more ways to give back to those who are kind enough to support me. I couldn’t be where I am today without all of the support of my friends, family, fans, and supporters and my small business LutzRC is an extension of me, made entirely possible by all of you.


-Ryan Lutz

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