LutzRC Hometown Challenge

September 26, 2016

This past weekend I helped to put on my first event which was dubbed the LutzRC Hometown Challenge. It was held at my local track Medina R/C Raceway about 10 minutes from home in Ohio. The turnout was a little low as it seemed many of the locals had other plans already for the weekend, but the event did draw some entries from Chicago, Detroit, and New York areas which was pretty cool. For the event all my sponsors chipped in with some great prizes including a Futaba 4PX radio, a Tekin 1900 motor, an Alpha Plus Lutz Worlds edition Engine, and many other items. I also gave away a number of CowRC made LutzRC Magnetic pit mats and part trays. All in all I think everyone enjoyed the raffle as I did something a little different with it. Everyone got a ticket for their entry. Then if you finished 1st or 4th in your qualifying heat you got another ticket. I think most enjoyed that and worked on collecting more tickets!

As far as the racing went I ran my E-buggy and Nitro buggy and was able to TQ and Win all of my races. In the Nitro main I agreed with a couple guys that I would pit my own car so ‘they could have a chance’. It was either that or start 15 minutes late they said for the 30 minute final. haha. So I obliged and got my workout in during the race. I considered it some Worlds conditioning for next week.

All in all I had a great time and it was satisfying hearing the positive feedback on the event and the track. I designed the track and the Johnson family and a couple others did a great job putting all in and I think it ended up being one of the funnest layouts i’ve driven on.

Hopefully this can become an annual event and it can be made bigger in coming years.

Special Thanks to all of my sponsors who donated products to the event:

Futaba, Tekin, Tekno, Alpha Plus, AKA, LutzRC


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