2013 Neo Buggy Event

August 21, 2013

Today is the start of my favorite race of the year. The 2013 rendition of the Neo Buggy race being held this year in the beautiful English summer weather. A far cry from the freezing temps of Easter weekend in years past, this years event promises to afford attendees the opportunity to wear t-shirts and maybe even some shorts. Is year also brings back the bonus E-Buggy class which seems to be gaining in popularity worldwide. On tap for today is 3 rounds of practice for Nitro, but just one for electric. Looking forward to getting on the track and giving it a go!

Thursday evening,
Well got to give it a go today. It wasn’t quite the start I was hoping for but I’m moving in the right direction. I’m running a new front end on my prototype this week that I hadn’t tried before. That coupled with the unique conditions here are putting me to work to find my comfort in my driving. Jet lag is also attacking me today as I got tired around 4pm. Looking forward to a long nights rest!
Tomorrow we have 2 more practice heats and then our first qualifier of the event. Bring it on! ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday evening,
Two more practice heats and our first qualifier are now under our belts. Going through practice this morning I was still at a bit of a loss on my Nitro. Decided to go back to the mbx6 style rear end from the 7. This was better for me but I still wasn’t comfortable. Come the first qualifier I admit I didn’t have high hopes. I was running at least a second a lap off pace all through practice. Before Q1 though I did some more setup changes to both front and rear end and the shocks and whalla, I could drive again. I finally felt more comfortable going around the track. I got caught up in a crashed car and crashed once myself but got a 3rd for the round only 2 seconds off the lead. This felt great considering all the adjustments I’ve been making. I now look forward to the prospects of the rest of the weekend!
In EBuggy I made some early mistakes but came back and put in hero lap on the race and a strong 2nd place finish. I’m the only one doing the back quad with consistency. In EBuggy I’m able to make the track a bit different by utilizing the instant power to change up the jump sections a bit. The spectators seem to enjoy it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday evening,
Today was unfortunately one of the worst days I have ever had at an R/C track. Most of it having nothing to do with results. Instead it was filled with the kind of arrogance and ‘holier than thou’ attitude of a couple of drivers whom I get to experience this with regularly it seems. I swear it frustrates me to no end and its days like this that make me wish I didn’t have to be around these people and I could be somewhere doing something more rewarding. On top of those issues I dealt with what I felt to be uneducated and unfair track refereeing. The only thing that kept my day together was my fortunate situation of pitting near a group of really good genuine people.

As for results I started the morning alright with another solid 3rd in Nitro buggy. For the next qualifier I had a rough go of it on lap 3 and so began the referee issue I had. Ended up outside top 10. In Q4 I was able to put in a solid run but halfway in my rear arm cracked causing some ill handling characteristics. I still managed 4th. At the end of the day we had the Dash for Cash. To cap off my great day my lipo broke and I only did like 1 lap. However it was a fantastic race to watch. I just wish JQ could have hung on!
EBuggy was a bit off today. I just was missing my throttle finger sometimes overshooting and the next under shooting. Also just making to many mistakes. Hopefully tomorrow I can get back in the groove and enjoy my weekend again.

Sunday evening,
A much better day for me all around. Starting out in Q5 in Nitro I started out the first 3 laps of the race and my car was bouncing off the rear pack. As the shocks warmed up it got good and my remaining laps were all good. Finished 6th for the run and also knew to make my rear shocks a bit softer for subsequent runs. It’s been a challenge figuring out setup with a new car for me on this specialty track but its coming together. In Q6 my car was pretty good. I was happy with the performance and worked on getting more comfortable so I can punch a bit harder. I was running 3rd on the last lap but had a mysterious cut right before the big double keeping me from finishing. Still was able to qualify 5th overall in Nitro buggy and will line up 3rd in the odd semi tomorrow.

In EBuggy I had a pretty great day. In Q5 I put in a solid run and my only gripe was the rear slapping on landings. For Q6 I upped the rear shock oil a bit and my buggy was money. I went on to TQ the run by over 10 seconds and put in the fastest run of the weekend. Also secured myself a 3rd place qualifying position.
We ran the semi finals for electric tonight and it was another good one. I paced Tebo out of the gate for the first 4 minutes or so until he had a problem and I went on to win the semi by over 10 seconds. With so many top drivers having issues I layed back a touch to preserve but it ended up costing me pole for the main. Asit was in semi B Lee Martin beat me out by 2 seconds and so I will start a solid 2nd in the A main tomorrow! Hoping to bring it all home maรฑana.
Sme awesome videos of my DEX408 on liverc.com under the race coverage. Thanks Mike Garrison for the fun comentary!

Monday Mid Morning,
Just finished up the A main for E Buggy. Overall it was a solid race for me. With a first lap mistake by Martin I took the lead for a couple laps. I made a small bobble and Bloomfield got by. Few laps later another small bobble and Martin got by. Same thing again after a few more laps and Boots got by putting me in 4th. About 8 minutes in Bloomfield and Martin tangled and Boots and I got by for 1 and 2. I paced boots the rest of the race but he held on for the win by just over a second. So I took a solid 2nd place. My biggest problem was the track seemed a bit looser today and I just didn’t have the forward drive today to make the quad. Most all my mistakes were there just shorting it to many times. It was a bummer for my fun line to not be working but alas it is what it is. Now it’s Nitro time!! ๐Ÿ™‚


2nd Place Ebuggy

2nd Place Ebuggy

Midday update:
Just ran my nitro semi. I had a clean start overall and we had a couple car breakaway so overall a clean track. I just cruised around to be sure I made my 10 minute pit stop choice. I didn’t push hard and was able to come away with 2nd in my Semi. Now a waiting game to see the times of the second semi to see where I start for the A final!

End of Monday:
Well now I am at a hotel near the airport getting ready for my 6AM flight. My day didn’t end so well. I ended up starting 5th on the grid for the A main and it was all downhill from there. In the first corner I got winged from behind and put to last. I made my way past 5 cars the remainder of that first lap and steadily worked up to 6th position. Then about 20 minutes in I suffered a mysterious cut and fell back to 9th. Had another 8 minutes later and after getting back out again I ended up breaking a rear arm. So I kept my awesome volunteer pit guys busy but I thank them for their help. It’s not all a loss though as I can see the progress on our prototype and we should have a few new parts shortly to fix some of the remaining bugs we feel we have. When this car is ready its going to be awesome! Looking forward to it and hope to be running it at Neo ’14!


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